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Terms and Conditions

You have to agree to statements below

  1. No guaranty on how long businesses and inquiries will be online. Members have full control over them.
  2. You are not allowed to contact any businesses or members, unless it is about work that you have won, and you have to do.
  3. You are still legally liable to pay us commission, if you do any job sourced from our web site.
  4. Make sure that the material you upload to our web site is accurate, complete, up to date and must be suitable for fill up form field (Add inquires and Add business forms).
  5. Comply with all relevant state and local laws and regulations, and where applicable, you should comply with all national and international laws and regulations.
  6. Do not use this web site for illegal purposes encouraging conduct that would constitute a criminal offence.
  7. Do not use this web site to propagate material of any kind, which might contain computer worms, viruses, other types of malicious or harmful programs.
  8. Do not use this website to engage in misleading, or deceptive online marketing practices.
  9. Do not use this website for transmitting junk mail, spam, chain letters, mass distribution of unsolicited email, or engage in other flooding techniques.
  10. Do not damage, interfere with, modify, disrupt or destroy the files, passwords, data, devices, resources that belong to us, or anything that compromises the security of the
  11. Do not use bad language on our web site in any situation
  12. .
  13. We keep right to change anything on our website without prior warning.
  14. Any intentionally false activity, could result in removal of account, or in worse case, businesses and individuals could be prosecuted  in the court of law.
  15. Personal information, names, phone numbers, street addresses, street numbers, emails or websites are not  allowed in any messages, except when you win the work.
  16. Most of the times we will try to solve the problem, however we can not do much for circumstances, which are beyond our reasonable control. Those circumstances like any act of God (without limitations), or other causes beyond our reasonable control, which might include any mechanical, electronic, communications, or third party supplier failure.

  17. Personal information, names, phone numbers, street addresses, street numbers, emails or websites are not allowed in any business description, on our web site.
  18. As business administrator you are responsible for giving access rights to any of the members
  19. Person writing and sending offer have to be qualified for that position, by your company. He/she  is responsible that demands in inquiry, can be done, and stated for the price.
  20. Any false activity undertaken by your business, could result in poor rating by inquiry administrator, or someone who have same access rights.
  21. By seeing, reading or getting information in any way from any of the inquiries, that are on our website, we are liable for commission.


  22. Personal information, names, phone numbers, street addresses, street numbers, emails or websites are not allowed in any inquiry description.
  23. If you place inquiry on our website, you are agreeing that we can contact you, or visit site where work is undertaken, any time (normal working hours), furthermore we can request invoice from you to show us by whom the work is finalised.
  24. There is not a warranty for any work undertaken by the business, which was obtained through our web site. Furthermore, we are only an intermediary in between the people and businesses, business and businesses.
  25. Person writing inquiry, have to make sure that all instances of the work demanded, must be in inquiry description.
  26. As inquiry Manager/Owner you are responsible that questions are being answered.
  27. Person accepting offers is responsible for business doing the work, including quality of work.
  28. Any wrong doing or work which has been done to the customers satisfaction, can be stated in feedback after work has been finished. Only truthful feedback can be stated, and it should only refer to work that was finished, and not to be used for any other reason. To write feedback you have to check how work is done.

  29. Make sure that you read our  Privacy Policy
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